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Independent Study (Spring 2022)

Ended Aug 31, 2022
4 credits

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This permission-only course is designed for students to work with a mentor on one specific project, in any medium. Students can arrange an Independent study with one or more instructors at a time. In these arrangements, a student pays $500 for four (4) two-hour meetings over a period of four (4) months (these parameters are flexible with the mutual agreement of the student and instructor). All instructors are considered for these mentorships, based on availability, demand, skills, and administrative direction. (8 hours /All Levels)

NOTE:  Certificate in Documentary Arts students are required to take an advanced project course in their chosen concentration before enrolling in the Final Project Seminar; in this case, the objective is to emerge with a nearly finished version of their project, ready for a final polish. Students may take advanced project courses for credit more than once. 


Fall 2020 semester and onward, when CDS Courses offerings are online, all advanced project courses—Audio, Photography, and Video Projects— will operate as independent studies.


Please contact to request permission for an Independent Study/Advanced project.